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Vanity Vibrators
Vanity Vibrators by Jopen
When Jopen introduced the new line of twelve luxury Vanity Vibrators, knew that they could help bring the nuanced sophistication offered by Jopen Vibrators by detailing the unique features of each product. That's how was born. knows that women want finely tuned sexual enhancement products and that women care about every last detail. is a work-in-progress website that provides videos, infographics, and written descriptions of each Vanity Vibrator in Jopen's Vanity Vibrator series to help women with an eye for detail choose the pleasure product she wants by providing her with all available information. We began the project by featuring the most popular Vanity Vibrator models: Vr1, Vr2 and Vr10. There are still nine more Vanity Vibrator products to be profiled, so make sure to check back for updates! To support the growth of this site, purchase your Vanity Vibrator at and use the coupon code VANITY for 10% off.

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