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Vanity Vibrator Vr2

Vanity Vibrators Vr2
Vanity Vibrator Vr2 is a sophisticated and luxurious vibrator that extends your sexual repertoire. The Vanity Vr2 is available for a reduced price of $129.99 with free shipping and two free gifts, compliments of The opportunity to have the most exquisite orgasm of your life is just a click away...


Vanity Vr2 Product Details


Vanity Vibrator Vr2 is exquisitely crafted and ergonomically designed for your most intimate curves. The unique dual-motor wand vibrates at both ends to engage your g-spot, clitoris, and any number of erogenous combinations specific to your body. The Vanity Vr2 wand reaches 7" in length and each of its two vibrating tips measure 1.2" and 1.5" in diameter and is made of smooth, premium silicone with a seamless, satin finish that is soft to the touch and quickly adapts to your body temperature.


The Vanity Vibrator Vr2 features two strong motors and vibrates at both ends. Each end is uniquely shaped and can be used in a variety of ways to provide an endless range of clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, or both. The dual-motor Vanity Vibrator system functions at multiple speeds and variable pulsation rhythms that you easily control with the subtle, non-obtrusive control panel located under the premium silicone of which the Vanity Vibrator Vr2 is seamlessly constructed. The high-intensity vibrations are as quiet as a kitten, and the small sound that does emanate can be fully muffled when used under your favorite set of sheets. The seamless silicone construction and 100% waterproof material makes this and every Vanity Vibrator easy to clean with any premium sex toy cleaner.


The Vanity Vibrator Vr2 allows for virtually limitless exploration of all your private fantasies. It is 100% fully waterproof and made of seamless silicone so you can take it in the bath and fully submerge it in any body of water. When you're feeling less aquatic, use the Vanity Vr2 with any water-based lubricant for the smoothest sensual experience. The Vanity Vibrator Vr2 comes with a 1-Year Warranty and offers an optional 10-year Warranty, giving you the freedom to experiment without the burden of worry. The Vanity Vr2 is also absolutely mobil for anyone with a travel-based lifestyle--the Vr2 and every other of the 12 Vanity Vibrators comes with a free satin storage pouch and an easy-to-activate security travel lock. Take your Vanity Vibrator anywhere, from your lover's house to a tropical vacation across the world!